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This book, The Elite Way, is designed to give men straightforward rules about dating and relationships without the filter of political correctness. To some, the concept of rules as they pertain to relationships may seem rigid, cold or calculating. After all, we have been taught that relationships are supposed to be based on spontaneity, chance encounters, luck and uncontrollable emotions. It’s true that all potential relationships are somewhat of a gamble. But a good gambler has to know how to make educated bets.    
      Any game or situation you get into has to have rules for there to be order. If you play a game like blackjack or poker, it is gambling, but it is also a game of strategy. That’s why poker is often considered a sport. Understanding and effectively dealing with women is a sport. That’s why men who have mastered certain strategies to get women are often called “players.”
      So, what exactly is a sport? A sport is any activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and that is often engaged in competitively. Dealing with women should no longer be seen as a gamble; it should be considered a sport. In any sport, you have to train, you have to have discipline and you have to think strategically. Now, you don’t have to be a player, per se, in order to implement certain strategies for dealing with women. But to be thorough you have to abide by a certain set of rules. These rules can be ones that were taught to you or they can be self-imposed.
      When you have self-imposed rules, this is called integrity, and integrity is the soul of the game. Integrity is when you have rules for yourself that you will not compromise. Integrity keeps you grounded.


The Importance of Having a Soul within Your Game
      According to popular folklore, anything without a soul is lifeless. If you don’t have a soul, so the myth goes, you are a zombie or a vampire. A vampire is a soulless, half-dead creature that preys on the living. And this is what happens to people without a soul who get into the dating game with no integrity to keep them grounded. They become parasites or scavengers. They have no rules or standards. They try to leach off others and in many ways, they emotionally victimize the people they date. When you have no standards, you will allow yourself to dip into the bottom of the dating pool. You will date lackluster women, you will reduce yourself to paying for sex on a regular basis, you will tolerate disrespectful and humiliating behavior, etc. And this will slowly chip away at your self-esteem. Some men will try to rationalize this bottom-of-the-barrel type dating by coming up with slogans like “It ain’t trickin’ if you got it,” or referring to overweight women they date as “thick.” But subconsciously, they know they would like to do better. The purpose of this book is to help you make better relationship decisions based on your fullest potential.



      Not only will this book teach you about the rules of dating and relationships, you will also learn the formula for dealing with women. I call this formula GIC2. It is based on the three essential elements a man needs in order to consistently be successful with women.


1.      Game
A procedure or strategy for gaining a result; also the set of rules governing the sport of dealing with women.


2.      Intelligence
The ability to understand complex ideas, to adapt to certain environments and to learn from experience.


3.      Common Sense
Sound, practical judgment.


When a number or equation is squared, that means it is multiplied by itself. So, when you multiply the GIC formula by itself, or practice it consistently, your skills become infinite, and your game will reach ELITE status. For each of the ten rules I discuss in this book, I will explain which part of the GIC2 formula best applies to it. 

The Three Stages of Dating

      This book is broken down into three basic stages that pertain to dating and relationships.


1.      The Campaign Stage

This is when men are out in the field looking for women to date. The first three rules of this book will teach you the best ways to get your foot in the door.


2.      The Maintenance Stage

This is when men are actually in relationships. Many men don’t understand that meeting and campaigning for women is only half the battle. The process of actually maintaining a relationship brings on a whole new set of challenges that are not often discussed when it comes to dating techniques. Rules 4-7 will address ways to help men maintain their manhood, integrity and peace of mind.


3.      The Recovery Stage

      No matter how optimistic we are about getting into new relationships, the reality is that some

of them simply don’t work out. Rules 8-10 will help give you insight on how to get over a severed relationship, how to regroup and get your mind right and how to move forward to a new situation.


                                                                                   ~From the book "The Elite Way" by Tariq Elite
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